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Where to buy calligraphy practice paper in the UK

Photo by  Christa Dodoo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash


When I first started calligraphy, I wondered exactly what type and where to buy calligraphy practice paper in the uk. Websites such as IAMPETH and The Flourish Forum are wonderful resources for calligraphers, especially when you're just starting out, but I've noticed that in the UK there's not a great deal of easily accessible advice about locally-sourced supplies of the fantastic products our US counterparts recommend. I intend to change that. Follow along with me as we chart the course of all things UK-based calligraphy; we'll find our way, and our best source of supplies, together.

Printing paper to practice calligraphy

Laser paper

I initially started out trying the UK equivalent to to the highly recommended HP Colour Laser Paper, but, to be honest, I've found it primarily to cause significant and frustrating bleeding. Fortunately, in chatting with other UK calligraphers I've discovered a few great alternatives:

Clairefontaine paper

I've yet to try any paper that provides a better glide and finish than French brand, Rhodia. There is a perception that these brands are quite expensive, but, at around £0.07/sheet each, they are around the same as HP Premium Choice.

For Rhodia, I use the grid pads (bought a from Bureau Direct) for my practice and its brand counterpart (Clairefontaine Triomphe) for calligraphy I want to digitise. Find out more about these in my blog post specifically dedicated to them.

Manuscript calligraphy paper

Having a Manuscript A4 calligraphy practice pad on the shelf is a must for me: a stock standard go-to paper. It's a bit more expensive than the bulk reams of laser paper, but reliably takes the ink and allows me to see through to the guidelines below.

Where I buy my calligraphy practice paper in the UK

Are you calligraphing in the UK? Where's your go-to place for paper? What's your daily drill paper of preference.