Olive & Reid Studio

Calligraphy styles



Copperplate Script

An elegant traditional script, Copperplate is the first calligraphy style I learned for my own wedding invitations. It adds an element of class in so many settings. Perfect for wedding invitations, envelope addressing, corporate events, and quotes, it can be paired with limitless ink combinations to create a unique, timeless statement.


Modern Script

Arguably becoming the most popular choice for brides, the modern script style uses the structured letterforms and methods of Copperplate script calligraphy but brings a bounce that is the essence of fun. Where formal scripts display their beauty within their structured confines, modern script brings endless variation and unique style.

Each calligrapher's modern script, and they may have more than one, is a style all of their very own. You couldn't ask for a more individual and personal touch for your commission.

Brush lettering


Whether it's bringing a sense of fun and whimsy, or refined consistent strokes, brush lettering has a style of its own. Whether it be big and bold, or intricately delicate, the brush can allow lettering on surfaces where no nib can go. I have used a fine brush to replicate pointed pen on curved porcelain and large strokes on canvas and slate for a completely different look. Get in touch to see how we can bring your artwork to life with a brush. 


Spencerian Script

Originally developed in the US in the 1800s, this script holds its origins in the ebbs and flows of nature and incorporates delicate shading and a consistent rhythm. Like Copperplate script, it lends itself to beautiful flourishing.