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Festive calligraphy gift tags

I'm never usually organised enough to make festive gift cards, but, as always, Lindsey at The Postman's Knock sent a shot of inspiration to my inbox with her tutorial DIY Holiday Gift Tags. I had to give it a go. calligraphy-tag-6sml

I love how simple these watercolour and calligraphy leaves are to make, but really are a stunning addition to your wrapping.

These calligraphy tags took me about half an hour to make, and I used practice Canford card stock used for a recent quote commission.

I used my Winsor & Newton watercolour set to paint a wash of three hues of green/blue. Once that was dry, I drew my leaf shapes and cut them out with my scalpel. Before I applied my calligraphy ink (Winsor & Newton black calligraphy ink), I did a little test on some excess card to make sure it wouldn't bleed. Then I used an informal modern style to keep the process easy and quick.

Step 1 - Watercolour wash

Step 2 - Draw leaf shapes

Step 3 - Cut out leaf shapes

Step 4 - Calligraph or write your names

Head over to Lindsey's blog post for a detailed tutorial on how to do this project, and have fun!