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Easy Copperplate guidelines with Joy Daniels


If the thought of ruling your Copperplate guidelines leaves you frustrated and thinking that you may never create that wonderfully consistent calligraphy composition, then today is your lucky day. While it's fantastic that calligraphy skills can be honed online and through books, there's something to be said for meeting face to face with other calligraphers to help you out with problem areas. As soon as I saw Northampton calligrapher, Joy Daniels, swiftly rule her guidelines in a recent Copperplate Capitals workshop through the South London Lettering Association, I knew it was going to be a powerful tool in my belt. Ruling calligraphy guidelines has just not been something I could get my head around. I could practice with pre-drawn guidelines under thin paper, but when it comes to working on a final piece, it's baffled me (I don't yet own a lightbox).

Go forth and rule your copperplate guidelines!

Joy has been kind enough to take the time to create a short video outlining the process. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

About Joy Daniels

You can find out more about Joy and her Northampton Calligraphy Studio via her website and Facebook page. You can email her at joydaniels@ntlworld.com.

Joy also runs the Copperplate Special Interest Group. When you join, you receive a quarterly newsletter of calligraphic happenings, and can become part of the group's envelope exchange. Get in touch with Joy to become a member.

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