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Time to send some modern calligraphy birthday cards


This year, I'm sending modern calligraphy birthday cards to as many friends and loved ones as possible. They're so much nicer to receive than bills! Hand designed and calligraphed, I'll be mixing up the designs and card stock each month to keep it interesting. January features white ink calligraphy on 'cognac' pearlescent cards that read "Have a magical birthday". Full disclosure: I did attempt so send hand written birthday cards last year, but my organisation let me down and it all petered out around May. And this was using printed birthday cards I'd designed, not individually written modern calligraphy birthday cards! So, to try and do better, this year, I plan to calligraph all of the cards for the upcoming month (and beyond -- as many as I can manage at a time), and then write and address the next month's cards by mid month. I do need to make sure I remember to actually post them, so I might need to stick some kind of list to the wall so I can be cross checking daily.

If you'd like to receive a birthday card from me, please email me your date of birth and address, and I'll do my very best to get one to you.

January modern birthday cards

My January babies received golden sparkly cards with white ink modern calligraphy, wax sealed in smoke grey envelopes with a gold seal.

Modern calligraphy birthday cards

February modern birthday cards

Not that I want to spoil their surprise, but I have a bunch of Aquarians and Pisceans to send birthday cards to this year. Ryan, Leigh, Ruth, Caroline, Christina, Verity, and Fiona are all in line for a little letterbox love in February. There’s just one glitch. About a third of these birthday babes live in Australia, where, I’ve only just found out, that my envelopes don’t meet the minimum size requirement. At 81mm x 114mm, these pocket size parcels of love don’t quite hit the 88mm minimum width specified by Australia Post (PDF).

What’s a girl to do. Well, I’m a plough-ahead-and-hope-for-the-best-kind of optimist. Of my January birthday babes, I sent only one tiny envelope to Australia and they received it, so, I’m pinning 100% of my hopes on the fact that these modern calligraphy birthday cards for February hit their mark, too.

Buy these modern calligraphy birthday cards

If you'd like to order your own modern calligraphy birthday cards to send, please email me to discuss what you'd like.