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Free download: January envelope template

January envelope template I was just creating an envelope template for my January post (yes, yes; I'm arranging my post by month now!) and thought I  would share it with you. You might like some snazzy envelopes, too.

Give your post a lift with this envelope template

  • Download the PDF (6.3MB)
  • Cut out the template and insert into your envelope
  • Trace over the design (you can use a lightbox, or tape your envelope to a window)
  • Colour in the design however you like. I'm probably going to stick with watercolour this month, but might give colour pencil a go, too.
  • Address your envelope using the lines provided, or create your own within the space.

Feel free to share your own with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#janenvelopes). I'd love to see what you get up to.

January envelope template