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I love the internet. Oh, the places we go. You know where I mean, don't you? Sometimes, you're off on a Sunday stroll for hours of fun to see the stupidly addictive Bored Shorts TV, and other times, you're whipped out of your reverie and on the most wonderful wild hunt with your goals and aspirations in tow. I can't even tell you the intricacies of my online journey to where we are now, but here we are.

Better Letters: fun, creative hand lettering workshops

Sign writing? Hand lettering? Yes, please. Better Letters has confirmed workshops (selling out quick) throughout Europe and UK that are designed to inspire and shake the intimidation of creating something as glorious as what seems like the lost art of hand lettering.

We show you the benefit of what we've wrestled with for in some cases up to 20 – 30 years. And hopefully that little bit of advice will help you overcome the problems and hurdles we've had a little bit quicker.

Quote via Hand Lettering Workshop London February 2014 (YouTube). See how I fared learning lettering with Mike Meyer at this year's April 2015 workshop.

I had a quick chat via email with Better Letters founder, Sam Roberts, and my typographical journey took a swift jaunt down a side street.

Ghostsigns:  Tours of London's best ghostsigns

Sam started Ghostsigns to promote the art of hand lettering, especially sign writing. So, in addition to a suddenly, wonderfully accessible world of hand crafted lettering learning available on my doorstep via Better Letters, I now see that I can go wandering about this awesome city of London looking at painted signs, fading on walls: ghostsigns. Sign me up!

If like me, you're feeling a little intimidated by all this big school, old school stuff, then just listen to Sam:

What I have learned is that everyone is a teacher, and always willing to share knowledge. I've never met such a group of people more welcoming and keen to pass on their skills and passion. Embrace it!

So, that's what I'm going to do. Time to start this hand lettering journey. Who's with me? Book your local workshop, or a London ghostsigns tour!

Photo — Norman Hayes, Waste Studio in Nottingham