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Do you use dinky dips to store your calligraphy ink?


I've long heard from US calligraphers that it's great to use dinky dips to store your calligraphy ink for pointed pen scripts.

"These are so good to have on hand! I had my share of ink spills, too, before I found out about the magic of dinky dips."


All well and good when dinky dips are easily sourced in the US via suppliers like Paper & Ink Arts and John Neal Bookseller.

Until last week, I've struggled to find dinky dips in the UK. But I received a newsletter from Blots Pen & Inks Supplies, and here they are!


Description of the Jumbo Dinky Dips from Blots:

Four clear plastic 30ml bottles with push on lids in wooden tray. The clear plastic allows you to see your nib as you dip. The tray is sanded and finished but unpolished so that it can be decorated or personalised. Approximately 3½"square x 1½" high. Provides stable containment for bottles.

How do you store your calligraphy inks?

Before using dinky dips for storgae, I was just using a selection of moisturiser storage containers that I found at Muji.


I also picked up a shot glass at Tiger, but have to be verrrrry careful because I'm a walking ink spill waiting to happen. I put it in a baking tray on the desk after my first spill (within just hours of using it!)


So, I'd love to hear about what you use for storage. Will you be moving to dinky dips to store your calligraphy ink?