From elegant formal corporate events, to stunning and unique modern weddings, the studio has been a hive of wonderful lettering.

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  • Can I get a hand from my Russian-speaking friends, please? Making progress with my @southlondonlettering annual #calligraphy and #lettering exhibition submission. The theme is Romance to Revolution, and I've chosen a portion of 'Requiem' by Anna Ahkmatova  to develop (thanks to Anton from @ufoblique for helping me source the original text). But I don't speak Russian, so I'm working hard on adding the relevant #cyrillic cursive to my #copperplate script. I could do with a scrupulous glance and welcome any feedback from those who actually have a clue! I'm looking at you, too, @annayantsen and @tre.zen! Much appreciated. PS - the final piece featuring both English and Russian is looking so much more exciting than this! Cant wait to share it.
  • Pink on grey #cantstopwontstop Modern calligraphy envelopes. ......#moderncalligraphy #lushmail #londoncalligrapher #greyonpink #drphmartins #gouache #prettystationery #mailday #calligraphy #pinkcalligraphy
  • Laughter is the best medicine. But I'd also take a long lie in, good company, hammocks between palm trees on a beach, an intense game of Frisbee, and strawberry bonbons, for example. A little gift #letteredwithlove for a good and wise friend with one my favourite colour combinations, hand mixed pale #pinkandgrey. Pink/white gouache #brushlettered on #Khadi handmade paper. #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #mantra #lifequotes #happiness #brushlettering #handlettering #ukcalligraphy #londoncalligrapher
  • That girl. Those curls! I've been keeping a journal for her since before she was born, and when the first book finally filled with all the notes of the glory and grief we've been through, it was time to get a new one. I thought it would be nice to personalise one, and gave My Own Stationery a go.
  • It's great to know when my #snailmail arrives. Gold ink #copperplate envelopes and my latest #moderncalligraphy greeting card design for the golden girl and her fam in Melbourne, Australia. 🇦🇺 My aunt, Kate, is queen of sending birthday cards (and more) without fail and on time every year. She's my anniversary mail inspiration but I never live up to her standard! So I just send post when I can. Here's cheers to aunts and snail mail. 📬 ✉ 🐌 🎉 🥂
  • Just me and my #Cyrillic alphabet. I'm preparing a piece for the @southlondonlettering annual exhibition, which has a theme of Romance to Revolution, so I'm taking up the challenge of adding some extra forms to my #copperplatescript for a Russian poem. I realised I was getting very confused (as any Russian speaker will see in the first lines) with a couple of the letters, so am working on a legend to help me out.
  • ▪️Today's mail ▪️Flourished formal copperplate script in Indigo.......#calligraphy #copperplate #copperplatescript #flourishedcopperplate #flourishes #winsorandnewton #watercolourcalligraphy #watercolorcalligraphy #indigo #snailmail #royalmail #londoncalling
  • It's a wildlife kind of day. Before we've even set off to the WWT London Wetland Centre, I must, like every day, destroy its hardwork.

Kate Watson, Calligrapher

The art of words

I love using traditional and modern calligraphy, hand lettering and a dash of illustration to create personalised mementos. It’s a joy to work with a client’s brief, each so unique, to develop a creative concept that encapsulates something meaningful to them.

Mindful, methodical and precise, calligraphy is perfect antidote to the hurried and sometimes harried life swirling around us. A challenging and rewarding art, I love taking the time to focus and create stunning calligraphy to share.  

I’m a Croydon-based calligraphy and lettering artist and would love to bring the art of words to your brief from my South East London studio.

I am on the committee of the South London Lettering Association, and have worked with corporate clients including CartierAstley Clarke, and Solicitors Journal.

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From high-end fashion to television production, we’ve worked with corporate clients to create unique calligraphy.

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