UK Lettering Events

UK Lettering Events

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Find out all the goings on around the UK throughout 2017. If you’re offering a workshop that I haven’t listed, please get in touch to let me know. All past events are listed at the bottom of this page for reference.

Ongoing courses

UK lettering events and talks

  • Jan 24 [London]: Into the Box: Wood Engraving Today (contact SLLA)
  • Feb 28 [London]: Interactive Evening: The business of calligraphy (contact SLLA)
  • Mar 28 [London]: The Sacred Lettering of Tibet (contact SLLA)
  • Apr 25 [London]: Tour of the College of Arms (contact SLLA)
  • May 24 [London]: Lettering talk with Jan Pickett (contact SLLA)
  • Jun 27 [London]: A walk around Smithfields with Robert Dunn (contact SLLA)
  • Sep 26 [London]: Rachel Yallop’s calligraphic journey (contact SLLA)

UK lettering and calligraphy workshops

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

  • Mar 11 [Moulton]: Gilding a single letter (contact Northampton Scribes)
  • Mar 18 [Kent]: Letters of David Jones (contact Cinque Port Scribes)
  • Mar 25 [Stratfordshire]: Pointed Pen Uncials (contact Joy Daniels)
  • Mar 25 [London]: Colour Mixing with Rosella Garavaglia (contact SLLA)
  • Mar 25 [Surrey]: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy (contact the Fine Letter Co.)
  • Mar 28 [Glasgow]: Modern Calligraphy (contact Laura Elizabeth Patrick)

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

November 2017

A note about learning calligraphy

Personally, I believe that there are three things to progressing well with calligraphy.

  1. Being motivated and excited about calligraphy
  2. Studying proper letterforms with reputable guidance
  3. Allowing yourself to be creative and experimenting

Being motivated and excited about calligraphy

Many people begin their calligraphy journey on their own without direct input from people in the know. In my experience, trying to find the right resources online to begin with can be difficult and overwhelming. Indecision might mean you never even get going.

For my own success at sticking with it, I knew that I would have to find a script that appealed to me. I chose Copperplate, and began my learning with Eleanor Winter’s Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, and an earlier incarnation of the online modern calligraphy course from

Studying proper letterforms with reputable guidance

I have slowly made connections with calligraphers via local Facebook groups and the South London Lettering Association, and have been finding more and more advice that may have been helpful to begin with. Read on to hear from established calligraphers about their thoughts for beginners.

“It’s best to “learn the rules” by studying the more classical scripts and then go on to manipulate letterforms by looking at the more relaxed versions. Not only will it stand you in good stead for learning with various tutors and groups, but will add to your overall repertoire of scripts.” — Tina Warren, Alphabition.

“I think its good to start using broad edged pen with a qualified teacher. You can learn to write in Foundational, Italic, Uncial, Carolingian, Fraktur etc. It’s important to understand spacing and pen angle and other basic calligraphy skills.” — Christina Janoszka, Dream Writer.

Allowing yourself to be creative and experiment

While regular, focused study of calligraphy is essential to honing great skills and aesthetically pleasing work, there’s something to be said for trying new materials, new techniques, and things that push you out of your creative comfort zone. For me, messing about in a sketchbook sits so nicely as a complement to regimented focus of a script. I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, The Postman’s Knock, and local SLLA courses, where I can be creative and free without fear of getting it wrong. The variation keeps me motivated and each gives me a break from the other when I need it to refresh and process what I’m learning.

 2016 lettering events and talks

  • Apr 12 [London]: From Paris with Love, with Jacqueline Alwood (contact SLLA)
  • Apr 19 [London]: NLLA’s 15th AGM feat. Gwyneth Hibbett (contact NLLA)
  • Apr 23 [London]: Demonstration “Contemporary Spencerian” with James Farrell (contact SSI)
  • Apr 23 [London]: SSI Lay Members’ Day (all welcome) (contact SSI)
  • Apr 23, 24 [London]: London Transport Musuem Depot Open Day (visit LTM website)
  • Mar 12 [London]: Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society AGM (contact CLAS)
  • Mar 22 [London]: Calligraphic City Map Interactive Evening (contact SLLA)
  • Feb 23 [London]: Coptic Script with Lester Capon (contact SLLA)
  • Jul 19 [London]: Summer Party (contact NLLA)
  • Oct 4 – Oct 21 [London]: South London Lettering Association Exhibiton (contact SLLA)
  • Nov 22 [London]: South London Lettering Association AGM (contact SLLA)
  • Dec 12 [Oxfordshire]: Twelfth Night Exhibition (contact Oxford Scribes)

2016 calligraphy and lettering workshops


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