Event | UK calligraphy at The Handmade Fair

Event | UK calligraphy at The Handmade Fair

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In my search for UK calligraphers to herald, Claire Gould, from Calligraphy for Weddings, was the first I was recommended to contact. Her work is beautiful, and I was excited to hear that she’s doing a calligraphy skill workshop at Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair, 19–21 September 2014.

So I bought myself a ticket to the Fair.

I’ll admit that I’m boasting a weird sense of satisfaction today about my soon to be masterful gift wrapping skills, and how I will be a knowledgable espouser of the values of Etsy — additional sessions that I get to attend for the cost of my £29 ticket (plus booking fee).

You can, of course, just go along to the fair and bathe yourself in its crafty glory for £12.50 (plus booking fee). I’ll be there on Sunday 21st September, so let me know if you’ll be about. We can catch up over origami tulips.


Claire Gould

I really can’t wait to meet you, Kate! It’s going to be fantastic. If I remember, I’ll mention Olive & Reid in the skills workshop… although my brain will be mainly fluff so I can’t guarantee what will happen!
Claire x


    Me too, Claire! And don’t worry about a thing — just let me know if there’s anything I can do to help on the day. As the netballers say: “here if you need”! It’s gonna be a blast. Kate x

Claire Gould

🙂 you’re a star, thank you! C x

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