Light touch calligraphy and modern lettering

Light touch calligraphy and modern lettering

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Since finishing up my first round of wedding invitations and handwritten calligraphy envelopes two weeks ago, and feeling a sense of certain completion about that goal, I’ve not been as focused on my calligraphy practice. But it’s Friday, and I had a hankering all day to get my calligraphy nibs moving.

It’s amazing how rusty you can become so quickly, so I spent a lot of time focusing on slowing down, and holding my calligraphy pen as lightly as possible that would still let me have control over the lettershapes I was making. A workshop teacher once told me that I should pretend as though I’d burnt the tips of my fingers and how I would have to hold the pen if I had. That really helps when I remember.

So after doing some copperplate drills, I decided to have some Friday fun relaxing into some modern calligraphy of imaginary party guests. I had some plain business cards lying around, and put them to use to create a name for every letter of the alphabet.

I do look forward to the time when I can have a style of writing that is easily identifiable as mine, and I imagine it could be something a little unique like this.



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