Handmade calligraphy birthday tags: when hot pinks combine

Handmade calligraphy birthday tags: when hot pinks combine

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When it comes to birthdays, I’m am extensively disorganised and forever wishing to be more thoughtful. I’d even just settle for ‘on time’. I frequently have stern words with myself to get my act together on this front, so I was pretty proud of myself when I found and bought a gift for my friend Fiona two months before her birthday.

We’re celebrating her birthday today, so I popped out to buy some wrapping paper (yes, that’s how disorganised I am: the only paper I own is Christmas themed). I came home realising I’d forgotten that fancy wrapping string, and a birthday card. And then I realised: “I’m a calligrapher now. I’m going to calligraphise the shiz out of a birthday card”.

Create your handmade birthday tag like a boss

  • I found a stash of blank business cards I’ve had sitting around the house for two years
  • I grabbed my Rhodamine Red Tombow brush pen
  • I used my calligraphy techniques: minimal pressure on the up-strokes, pressure on the down strokes
  • I made little love hearts by pressing down hard (with the card upside down) with the Tombow flexible nib to create two little teardrops.



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