Hand lettering workshop with sign painter Mike Meyer

Hand lettering workshop with sign painter Mike Meyer

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It’s the end of two long days of intense, but satisfying, lettering learning put on by Better Letters at Trackside London.

Led by Mike Meyer, travelling sign painter extraordinaire from Minnesota, US, and supported by local awesome sign painter, Mark Josling of Spectrum Signs, about 20 predominantly amateur students took to the easels, newsprint, enamel paint and palettes with certain trepidation and gusto.

Focusing on three lettering styles over the weekend: Gothic, Casual, and Script, we had Mike and Mark on hand to first show us their exemplar stylings, which we would then attempt to replicate as they moved around and guided us on any specifics we were having trouble with. I had to often remind myself, in fits of frustration, and as they made it look so easy, that this was my first ever attempt at this style or format of lettering.

After solidly practising one script for a block of hours, quite unperfected, it was nice to move on to another only to come back again and see that the muscle memory was forming and the progress was happening.

The workshop format was relaxed and informative, albeit a little overwhelming on the enamel fumes at day’s end, and really allowed for pretty significant progress over two days. All materials were included in the cost of the workshop, as was lunch — locally made artisan bread much like my favourite Swiss style that I can find nowhere outside of Switzerland — and refreshments (mmm, so many McVities Digestives and Celebrations). It was excellent to meet other students, particularly my lettering partners, Annabel, and Suzy from Muddy Creek Sign Painting.














script exemplars


palette and paint


Mark Josling

Great write up Kate. I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend and hope it will make you pick up the brush occasionally! Thanks for attending.

    Studio Team

    Thanks, Mark. I definitely plan to keep painting, and will keep you posted on my progress. I know that Annabel has already given casual script a go with the Tombow Brush Pen, and it’s surprisingly adaptable (I’ve only used the brush pens for copperplate style). Thanks so much for your patience and sharing your skill with us. Your traditional signwriting portfolio is stunning, and so impressive.

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