Recycling Amazon packaging for fun hand lettered projects

Recycling Amazon packaging for fun hand lettered projects

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When Joyce from Artsy Nibs recently shared a fun hand lettered project by revamping her Amazon packaging, I just had to give it a go.

I had a brief window this weekend to try it out — yep, a rush job — but thought I’d get a feel for it at least. My first hand lettered project attempt was for a wall hanging of my favourite poem, Desiderata, featuring black writing with gold highlights of key (positive) words:


For this I used black Parker Quink and Speedball gold and a size 6 round brush. The black bled a little with too much on the brush, and seemed to flow better after I’d first dipped the brush in water. The gold was not as vibrant as these pics imply, but was a lovely contrast of the positive words regardless. When I have more time, I’ll test other inks and paints to see what works best.

Have you revamped something unsuspecting lately? I love that I can give this paper a little longer life — whether as a wall hanging, or some wrapping paper (my second fun hand lettered project for some ventilator bonnets for First Touch). Let me know in the comments, or share with me on social media tagging @oliveandreid.


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