Copperplate Script

An elegant traditional script, Copperplate is the first calligraphy style I learned for my own wedding invitations. It adds an element of class in so many settings. Perfect for wedding invitations, envelope addressing, corporate events, and quotes, it can be paired with limitless ink combinations to create a unique, timeless statement.

Uncial Script

The uncial script, with its all-uppercase alphabet, is bold and particular. It is steeped in history and is a powerful presence — whether on its own or in combination with other scripts — across invitations, envelopes, quotes and much more.

Modern Script

Arguably becoming the most popular choice for brides, the modern script style uses the structured letterforms and methods of copperplate calligraphy but brings a bounce that is the essence of fun. Where formal scripts display their beauty within their structured confines, modern script brings endless variation and unique style.

Each calligrapher’s modern script, and they may have more than one, is a style all of their very own. You couldn’t ask for a more individual and personal touch for your commission.

Mixed Script: Modern + ‘Anise’


Combining scripts gives you the ability to create an eye catching finish to your project. In this example, I combine a style of modern script with my own font, Anise. It’s ideal for, but certainly not limited to, envelope addressing and invitation suites.

Mixed Script: Modern + Uncial

A blend of modern and traditional script is a striking way treat for your guests. A beautiful juxtaposition, this combination is perfect for envelopes, menus, invitations.